Short On Time?

Here’s the demo reel:

What To Do When You Have No Video Footage

Video Rehearsal With Zvidance

Video Awards For Supporting Equality

Gauthier Dance Video Warmup

Video Documentary Of A Still Photographer

Video Director Introspective: Trois Mecs

Video Biography of Jerome Robbins

Product Video Highlights Chorus Connection App

Video Introduction To College Life

Candid Video Reactions: After The Applause

Award Winning Video: Our Five Senses

Celebrating 80 Years of Video History

Color Grading: Some of a Thousand Words

Behind The Scenes: And Still You Must Swing

Live Streaming Her: The 18th Annual Dinkins Forum

Campaign Videos For Winning Candidates

Video Series: Ian Ferrier Coming And Going

Celebrity Video: Mike Tyson – LIVE from the NYPL

Motion Graphics Help Paint The Picture

Video Lighting Matters For Analogy/Dora

Video Tech Rehearsal With Monument

Video Fundraising For High Impact Results

Non-Profit Video Production At La MaMa Experimental Theatre