Short On Time?

Here’s the demo reel:

Video Fundraising For High Impact Results

Video Series: Ian Ferrier Coming And Going

Video Director Introspective: Trois Mecs

Award Winning Video: Our Five Senses

Non-Profit Video Production At La MaMa Experimental Theatre

Celebrity Video: Mike Tyson – LIVE from the NYPL

Gauthier Dance Video Warmup

Live Streaming Her: The 18th Annual Dinkins Forum

Behind The Scenes: And Still You Must Swing

Product Video Highlights Chorus Connection App

Celebrating 80 Years of Video History

Video Introduction To College Life

Video Rehearsal With Zvidance

Campaign Videos For Winning Candidates

Video Awards For Supporting Equality

Motion Graphics Help Paint The Picture

Video Lighting Matters For Analogy/Dora

Video Tech Rehearsal With Monument

What To Do When You Have No Video Footage

Video Biography of Jerome Robbins

Color Grading: Some of a Thousand Words

Video Documentary Of A Still Photographer

Candid Video Reactions: After The Applause